Why Our Appraisers?

Medical Equipment Appraisal Specialists is an appraisal services company in Cleveland, Ohio. We specialize in hard asset appraisals of medical offices, hospitals, and nursing homes. Our specialists conduct informed, high-quality appraisals armed with over 50 years of experience, insight, and knowledge. Equally important, our medical appraisers are always one step ahead of changes within the fast-moving health-care industry.

Comprehensive Reports

Medical Equipment Appraisal Specialists can ascertain the fair market value, wholesale value, complete depreciation value or replacement value of your equipment. Our equipment evaluation reports are included with a photographic record of the complete appraisal, plus a list that describes the manufacturer, model number, and serial number.

Our President

Howard Danzinger, the President of Medical Equipment Appraisal Specialists has been associated with the medical distribution industry for the past 50 years. His responsibilities are to furnish and design medical facilities throughout the United States for the physician alternate care markets, nursing homes, and specialty hospital areas. In 1975, Medical Equipment Appraisal Specialists was established to provide hard asset appraisals for medical offices, hospitals, nursing homes, estates, and medical / legal situations. Mr. Danzinger has received certification from the American Surgical Trade Association.

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[ve_testimonial_container css=”.vc_custom_1522187496892{padding-top: 20px !important;padding-bottom: 20px !important;background-color: #dbdbdb !important;}”][ve_testimonial_section photo=”201″ title=”Robert Weaver – CEO”]Thank you very much for the comprehensive reports. We were able to use them in our litigation. The people at Medical Equipment Appraisal Specialists were very thorough and helpful. I would definitely hire you again when the need arises.[/ve_testimonial_section][ve_testimonial_section photo=”201″ title=”Samuel Allen – Physician, CFO”]The process took much less time than we had thought and it was painless. Our conversations and your reports shed a bright light on our business and allowed us to maximize our value. Thank you.[/ve_testimonial_section][ve_testimonial_section photo=”201″ title=”Alice Fong – Chief Financial Officer”]We appreciate your efforts in dealing with our time constraints. Great work. Thank you very much![/ve_testimonial_section][/ve_testimonial_container]

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